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  1. @Pyonyou will like this one.

    QOTD #7 : "Don't play for promotions, play to have fun and remember that the lower ranked you are, the more freedom you have" - My name is L, "The journey of My name is L"

  2. QOTD #6 : “Listen to many, speak to a few.”- William Shakespeare, "Hamlet"

  3. QOTD #5: "You may turn into an archangel, a fool, or a criminal—no one will see it. But when a button is missing—everyone sees that." - Erich Maria Remarque

  4. QOTD #4: “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”- George Orwell,"Animal farm".

  5. QOTD #3 : "It's fun to use numbers. 24,035 deported to Siberia. Fun. Forty-seven dead in an airplane crash. Fun. 7,038,456 needles sold. Fun. Tonight Mister X got lucky three times. Fun. Today Miss Y died once. Fun. Right now I'm alone and I'll take a pill and have more fun." - Antanas Škėma, White shroud

    1. Pyon


      Not a fan of this quote tbh 😞

    2. My name is L

      My name is L

      Probably because it was written by a depressed man who worked as an elevator operator 24/7. As it is written in the "White shroud", going "up" and "down" was his whole life. (tbh  that book is confusing as hell haha)

  6. QOTD #2: “Unquestionably, the number of fools is always greater than necessary. Every nation has enough for itself and enough for export.”
    Balys Sruoga, Forest of the Gods
  7. QOTD: "Before every important decision, everyone fluctuates and doubts for a long time. But it is enough to make a decision once - and everything will become clear and calm. " - V. Mykolaitis-Putinas

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