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  1. Hello @Liammm, Could you please add more details to your compensation request. Please include the following in your next reply or edit your previous post: - Time of event - Evidence - Details on how you died King regards, Daniel | After-Z Moderator
  2. Hello @Ryan, I have disabled this feature for now, due to this being a potential confidential information leaking bug. This issue will now have to wait for the development teams attention. We highly appreciate you letting us know about this. Kind regards, Daniel | After-Z - Moderator
  3. Good Luck with the gang!
  4. Daniel


    Hello, @Liammm! Could you please elaborate on this suggestion? Do you have any ideas of what icons you would want to be changed?
  5. Daniel


    Automated ban, looking into it
  6. Daniel


    Your question(s) have been answered. This topic (Question) will now be moved to our archive, where it can be found in the future.
  7. Daniel


    donations will be available soon
  8. Daniel

    DP Missions

    I have reviewed your suggestion and unfortunately declined it. Unfortunately this suggestion is not deemed necessary because of the reason mentioned below. [Not needed] This topic (Suggestion) will now be moved to the archive where it can be found in the future and will be locked for further replies. We at After-Z's Staff Team hope that this will not decrease your interest in helping our community grow, we wish you a great day 🙂
  9. Daniel

    DP Missions

    The further away the DP is the more money you will receive By not showing the reward from the DP mission when in progress it encourages players to complete the mission instead of abandoning it Thanks for the suggestion but I don't think this is necessary and therefore will not be added
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