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    Hello welcome, I like the fact you would love to join the dev team but I would like to state that all of the Staff Team and Dev Team are fully volunteers and do not get paid for our work but we do gain extra perks in game such as cosmetics and extra tags.
  2. After - Z | Altis Life After careful consideration and planning we are proud to announce that we will be launching our very own Altis Life Server in the coming days. We would also like to make it clear that this launch of our Altis Life Server is not the replacement of our original idea of having a unique game mode. The launch of this server is to allow our community members to enjoy something of ours while they anticipate the launch of our unique game mode on the main server. The forums will be closed to allow us to make the additions to the forums. They will be closed at 8pm
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    Marcus ts

    Unban Appeal Declined After reviewing your ban I have came to the verdict of declining your Unban Request. Reason: In the process of removing your ban already. You may post another appeal on 26/06/2021 (2 weeks from now). If you post an Unban Appeal before the allocated date the Unban Appeal will be declined.
  4. We are awaiting Pyon to finalize the removal of your bans since you were banned in a way normal admins and myself cannot change or remove.
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    Users have a limited reaction amount per day, this may be increased in due time as we go forward with the updating of the forums.
  6. Updated Ban Procedure Moving forward we have decided here at After - Z to remove the temporary ban system we have and now have all players who are banned fill out an Unban Appeal if they ever find themselves banned from our platforms. We have decided to use this permanent ban system as we believe it will deter players from breaking rules a bit more effectively as the temporary ban system is a bit more lenient towards rule breakers. We would like to carry a strong hand for rule breakers and this will allow us to do so and ensure that we can keep our promise of a safe and inclus
  7. Unban Accepted After reviewing your ban I have came to the verdict of accepting your Unban Appeal. Please refrain from actions that may subject you to punishments on our community platforms. The necessary actions are in progress to remove your ban/bans. We kindly ask you to be patient in this matter.
  8. I will be reviewing your ban. I kindly ask for your patience as I go through the supplied evidence and come to a verdict. @Marcus @DanielThe After - Z Staff Team does not set priority statuses on Reports, Unban Appeals or anything else that may require a Staff Member to review. As Stated in our Unban Appeal Terms & Conditions we aim to resolve as quickly as possible while being accurate to ensure fairness in the event. Please also refrain form handling Reports or Unbans that involve the Community Owner @Pyondirectly as you are not at the experience required to be handl
  9. Unban AppealLast Updated 11/06/2021 by Jack Specs Members of the community who have been caught breaking rules within our community will be punished accordingly to the severity of the rules broken. We pride our selves here at After - Z on our fairness towards our members. So we give the players who have been given a punishment a chance to redeem themselves and reintegrate into the community. The nature of the Staff Team duties may affect the time that unban appeals are handled. We kindly ask members to be patient in this matter. At the end of an appeal, a Staff Member will make a v
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    we wont be adding a negative reaction to the forums as we would like to avoid unconstructive criticism. +1 is fair enough has it shows you like the post but a -1 with no context or anything to add doesn't help someone improve a post or an idea they might share.
  11. Hey, Welcome to After - Z a very proud community created by its very proud members. We strive for a very inclusive and safe environment and the Staff Team alongside me are very dedicated to ensure it. If you wish to know more about my self please visit here and message me if you have any questions. Much Love, Your Scottish Community Manager
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