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  1. This topic will be used to announce all changes made to the rules. Made by @Recker.
  2. Reporting An Issue Please read this post entirely before reporting an issue, ignorance will be treated correctly. First of all. All issue reports are appreciated as it spares my time. So for this, you will get money. By a compensation request (linked in your issue report reply once finished). Rules Abusing any of these features reported will give you a ban If you have no evidence, don't bother Be very elaborate and explain how and where does the issue happen --> https://www.after-z.com/forms/29-issue-report/
  3. @Recker the amount of topics this guy has posted in your government system, I think he's interested in the chief of justice role?

  4. Alpha Release Players - APPLY HERE! Hello. The server is still under development but it is near enough to start accepting players in to the Alpha stage. Within this forum, you are able to apply for a alpha player. What does that mean? It means once the biggest issues have been resolved, you will be given a whitelisting to play on the server. This also comes with a responsibility. When playing on the alpha stage of the server, you should report all issues you find or suggestions through the forums in their respective places. What else? If you do apply for an alpha player, and use it for something else then just fucking about and actually contribute towards the development team by sharing issues you may find, you will be rewarded with a permanent contributor status. What is it? It is an permanent donator role, it will not be taken away from you at any point. Soo, what are you waiting for? Apply here --> https://www.after-z.com/forms/28-alpha-release-tester/
  5. Forums Update - #1.00 "The Release" Added: (Released the forums) Added: My Player Data (All credit to our developer Feziyk)
  6. I have never seen a man checking up on our forums more when it is offline 

  7. nice avatar 


  8. Pyon

    DM me the items you lost / runs due to the restart

  9. We're waiting for the QOTD

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